PollEx Update List

Period : 2010.03.26~2010.04.08

Enhancement [Net Color] 
   ● It’s able to change the color of each net on Net 2D/3D Viewer.
    ①Tools>Net Color : Changing the color for each Net.
    ②Option>Net 2D/3D Viewer .

Enhancement [Standard Component] 
   ● Check Break Component : It's added option for excepting component from Group list.

[Net to Net] 
   ● It's added option, "Trace to PAD" (Checking a distance from Pin to Trace.)

[Sub Board Miss Arrangement] 
   ● It's able to check Top side-Bottom side, Left side-Right side for arrayed as same space.

PollEx Update, 7th April 2010

Please get download new version and do upgrade for your convenience.
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Tool Tip : PollEx PCB

Q : I'd like to display for each layer. How can I handle the layer?

A : This is able to change the layer stack up on "Multi-Select Layer Control ".

[Artwork Layer Mode]

V : Layer On/Off
A: The number of the layer on PollEx PCB
E : The number of the layer from ECAD data
P : The number of the layer as Physical Layer
DP : Display priority(Lower number will be displayed upper than higher number.)
Type : Signal layer / Non-signal layer
Attr : Positive/Negative shape
Name : Layer Name

For example, if you want to compare Top-Pad and Resist-A, it's able to see that you can change the DP(Display Priority) numbers.

[Physical Lyaer Mode]

V : Layer On/Off
P : The number of Physical Layer
Name : Layer Name
Col : Color
Fill : Polygon(Copper) Fill/Unfill

For example, this is displayed TOP(No.1) and BOTTOM(No.4) layer together.