PollEx Update List

Period : 2010.09.28~2010.10.15

Enhancement [ExtractPDBB - Mentor Expedition]
    It's added option to include "Break Component" on ExtractPDBB command.
    - ExtractPDBB40 /P "DesignDir" "PDBBSaveDir" "PDBBSaveFileName" [/S:"UserDefinedAsciiDir"] /BC

Enhancement [Tooling - Silk Match Check]
    New Item : Can check the matching shape of Mechanical Layer and Silkscreen Layer.

[FPCB - No Silk Area]
    Added option : If there're existed the Silkscreen on defined layer, it's detected.

[FPCB - Stiffener]
    Added option : Except from Board Outline : It's able to except the component which is placed inside from Board Outline with certain distance, if the component has no Stiffener data.
    Added option : Stiffener Thickness Text : Can check the existence of the thickness information as silk text.

[Component - Ref Name Silk]
    Added option : Can check the Reference Name(as Silkscreen) is existed or not on Top/Bottom layer.

Enhancement [Net - Exist Net]
    New Item : Can check the existence of certain Net within schematic data.

[Component - Exist Comp]
    New Item : Can check the existence of certain Component within schematic data.

[Component - Prefix]
    New Item : Can check the prefix of certain component's reference name.

PollEx Update, 18th October 2010

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