PollEx Update List

Period : 2010.04.09~2010.04.22

Enhancement [PollEx API] 
   ● PollEx PCB API Function
     - Add Command for MiniMap On/Off
     - Add Command for Board Rotation

Enhancement [Under Hole/Via] 
   ● It's able to select the type of Via or Hole as Shape or Position(Location).

   ● Checking method is changed as bellows.
     - If some component has the layer of Solder Mask, Solder Paste and OSP,
       it should be checking a distance with neighborhood component which
       have no layer of OSP.

Enhancement [Add Function for Pin Escape] 
   ● If specified distance is given, it'll be excepted that distance for checking.

    [Added item list]
     - [Differential Pair Net] - Differential Pair Net.
     - [Differential Pair Net] - Length & Width.
     - [Differential Pair Net] - Complete Shield.
     - [Net] - Net to Net.
     - [Net] - Width.
     - [Power] - Net to Net.
     - [Power] - Width.

PollEx Update, 22nd April 2010

Please get download new version and do upgrade for your convenience.
If you have any question about PollEx, please contact to us.

Polliwog Corporation.
Tel.+82-31-712-4128, Fax.+82-31-712-4128
e-mail : polliwog@polliwogeda.com


Tool Tip : PollEx PCB

Q : I'd like to compare the difference between PCB Layout A(1st revision) and PCB Layout B(2nd revision), how can I do for it?

A : We'd like to recommend to us PollEx Cross Probe, the function option is "Same Type Check/Compare". This is so easy to find the difference with visual result and also you can get the report as MS Excel file.

Step 1.
Select the data with using "Open".
If you have PCB layout data as PDBB, it's able to open together two files.

Step 2.
After importing two files, go to "Run Compare". And then go to "Exe All".

Step 3.
This is the result image of PollEx Cross Probe. You can open both two files at same time and you can compare each object which is marked on the list.