PollEx Update List

Period : 2010.07.10~2010.07.29

Enhancement [ExtractPDBB - Cadence Allegro 16.3]
    Added option on "Extract to PDBB" - Cadence Allegro 16.3 Version.
    [ASCII Mode Interface]
    ExtractPDBB40_l /E "c:/Allegro_design_file_dir" "c:/PDBB_Binary_Save_Dir“ /A "DesignFileName_WithoutExt" /V:16.3

    [Binary Mode Interface]
    ExtractPDBB40_l /E "c:/Allegro_design_file_dir" "c:/PDBB_Binary_Save_Dir“ /B "DesignFileName_WithoutExt" "AllegroExtractExeFileDir" "CommandFilePath" /V:16.3

Enhancement [Enhancement of exporting Excel Report]
    Descriptions are added. : Pin Location, Changed Padstack, Difference of Component, Layers etc.

Enhancement [Pattern - Keep Out Pattern]
    Added option : "PAD Inside" on Base Area.
    - To detect the Pattern which is routed inside of Component.

[FPCB - Bending Area]
    Component should be placed as vertical direction against pattern. : To check the component placement to pattern.
    Right Angle Patten in Bending Area : To check the angle of Pattern on Bending Area.

[FPCB - Silk Cover In Via]
    New Item : To detect the Silk on Via Hole.

Enhancement [Input]
    Added function : User can change directly the file path of database on Component Group, Net Group.

PollEx Update, 30th July 2010

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