PollEx Update List

Period : 2010.05.06~2010.05.20

Enhancement [Added option for Result Report] 
   ● Part No.
   ● Including export option of same type comparison.

Enhancement [Key Pad] 
   ● Can select option: Max Hole Size.
   ● Limitation of quantity : Center Pad/Outer Pad Via.
   ● Via arrangement : Vertical placement/Horizontal placement.

   ● Added option : Screw Slit - Layer of slit data.

[Excel Export] 
   ● Added on the report :
      - PollEx Version information.
      - Marking the layer(Top/Bottom) information on 'Component Placement Count' section.

Enhancement [Differential Pair Net] 
   ● Added option : To display the result of Passed contents.

[Copper Cross Over Detect] 
   ● Added option : Pin Escape, Via Escape.

[Net to Net] 
   ● Changed the name from Clearance to Strip Clearance, Microstrip Clearance for checking each layers(Top/Bottom/Inner).

PollEx Update, 20th May 2010

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