PollEx V5.0 Update List

Period : 2012.07.23~2012.10.26

  Export To-Restricted PDBB



  Setting-Unified Part Libraries Link

  Component Arrangement Plan

    - Export Neutral

    - EBOM Link

    - Component Density

    - Print Out

    - Upright Reading

  Export as PDF format

  Changed Sheet Display method

  Changed Schematic Explorer

  Option-User Information Setting

  Export to MS/Excel file

  Component-Component Spacing2

  Placement-Component Count


  Placement-Placement At Reverse Side


  Board-Fiducial Mark

  Board-Routing Slit

  Pad-Multi Pattern Connect

  Pattern-Lines Betweent Two Pins

  Drill Size-Similer Hole Size

  Misc-Text Existence


  Point Tool


  DFM Export Result Log

  Net-Net to Net

  Net-Antenna Via

  Net-Confirm Net Group

  Net-DC Resistance

  Power-Stability Copper

  Component-Keep Off Pair Comp

  Component-NC Pin

  Component-Component Connected Circuit

  Input DB

    - Composite Net

    - Component Group-Edit DB

    - Edit Net Class

  Link to ECAD-Mentor Expedition

  DFE Export Result Log

  Check Item Category

  Changed Item Names

  Collision-Overhead Component Clearance

  Lead-Packate Pin & Footprint Pad

  Result Display

  Layer List View


  Selected Items Move


  Standard of Mask-Delete

  Metal Mask DB Setting


  Select DB

  Thermal - Part Library(UPV)

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