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   PollEx Update List
   Period : 2012.05.18~2012.06.07

●  Interface-Zuken PWS
Added Option: It is added to display the string of "BREAK" or "CHANGED" on ASCII. It will be shown on “Property” section of Picking tool.
BREAK: ***-BR-*** for Part Name


CHANGED: ***-CH-*** for Part Name


●  Print
Added Option: Print out to paper.


  Pad-Hole Through Pad
Added Option: It is able to define the pass case for Via which is placed on pad center.


  Net-Antenna Via
Added Option: It is able to define the number of remained layer of Via which is regards as "Antenna Via". (Default: 1)


Added Option: It is able to check the version number of PollEx program.



[PollEx Update, 07th Jun 2012]

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