PollEx Update List

Period : 2010.07.30~2010.09.27

Enhancement [Altium Protel Interface]
    Can support for Altium-Protel format(*.pcbdoc - ASCII).

Enhancement [DFMIP - Table Sort]
    Can sort the title list on DFMIP Table.

[Excel Export User Defined Format Setting]
    It's edited to be matched the order between "Item Category" on DFMI and "Available Record Type List" on DFME.
    Item name will be added to "Record Type For Export" after comparing with result.

[Excel Export]
    If there're no information on "Input Sub Info" section, it'll be written same as "Input Main Info" contents.
    It's not displayed "Input Value" on "Result Info".
    All contents are written on "Input Sub Info", "Result Info" without omitted things.

[FPCB - No Place Hole in Tail]
    New Item : The edge area which placed Connector, PollEx can detect the existence of Via.

[FPCB - Center Line Mark]
    New Item : Item for checking the cover-lay leaning in FPCB's pressing area.

[FPCB - No Silk Area]
    New Item : Item for checking silk screen data is existed on certain area.

[FPCB - Meshed Copper]
    New Item : Item for checking copper in mesh area and thick ground pattern in mesh area' center.

[FPCB - No Coverlay Open]
    New Item : Item for checking whether via holes connected to signal are covered with cover-lay or not in FPCB.

[Placement - Component Placement Angle]
    New Item : Item for checking component's rotation angle within allowance.

[Pattern - Crack Pattern]
    Added Option : "Thick Pattern"
     - Pattern checking standard can be defined with "Thick" or "Thin".

[Board - PCB Mark]
    Added Option : "Except Comp"
     - Option for excluding certain component group during checking.

[FPCB - Bending Area]
    Changed to define different set-up values depending on checking item after listing checking item.

[Ground Wall]
    Added Option : "Ground Connected Via "
     - GND Via excluding option is added.

[Board - Data Existence]
    Added Option : "Layer Existence"
     - Option extracting error for selected layers if they are not existed is added.

[Placement - Placement]
    Added Option : "Placement Keepout Check"
     - Section layers for checking region and set-up for Keep In/Out.
     - If there are no layers or no targeting objects on layers, PollEx DFE define them with error.
     - Set-up targeting component group.

[Placement - Component Place]
    Added Option : "Required component should be placed at least one"
    - Error detecting option when components are not existing is added.

Enhancement [Net - Test Point]
    New Item : For different net groups, check existence of via or test point and clearance of them.

[Power - Potential Difference]
    New Item : Item for compare net clearances and capacitor's voltage between voltage standard table and CAD data.

[Excel Export]
    Added "Total Net Count" item into DFE Excel Summary.

[Point Tool]
    Added "No Good" item into Point Tool's status.

PollEx Update, 27th September 2010

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