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   PollEx Update List
   Period : 2012.03.29~2012.05.14

●  Environment
Added Option: For "Zoom In/Out" and "Panning" operation, user can make reverse directional operation to default. (Include arrow key operations). This option will be applied to all PollEx PCB related toolsets, "Part Viewer", "Padstack/Via Viewer", "Net 2D/3D Viewer", "Net Topology Viewer", "Component Arrangement Plan", "Real PCB Assembly Viewer" and "Solder/Metal Mask Check".


●  Environment
Added Option: PollEx PCB can read CAD’s ASCII file after converting "ECU-JP" code to "Shift-JIS" code. -> This enhancement will fix Japanese text broken problem.


●  Environment
Added Option: If user defined Component Density Input file(*.cds) before, it is enable to define the path of *.csd file.


●  Component Arrangement Plan-Comp Placing Density
Added Module: This module check the component placement density on board considering component outline and keep-out regions on board.



Board Outline
For board outline definition to calculate board dimension, user can choose between two options, using board outline defined in PCB design and using objects of user define.

Keep Out Region
To calculate correct board dimension, user can define board keep-out region for placement top and placement bottom layers.

Component Placement
To get components placement information, user can use design or define the component placement sides for each component. (Using "Define" button is effective method to calculated placement density of pre-placement board.


Component Contour Definition
Use this menu to calculate component dimension.
1. CO: Use defined component outline defined in design.
2. CO + Land: Use summation of region defined at item 1 and pin region.
3. CO + Land + Expand: Use component dimension at the increasing rate specified percentage to item2.
4. Min/Max of Component: Use component dimension of component composing objects' locations area including silkscreen, pin and other figures.

After setting above menus, user can calculate running with "OK" button.

Following is calculation result window display.

At the box 1 of below picture shows the component lists and their occupying dimension. Selecting the list will highlight component at right display window.
At the box 2 of below picture provide ON/OFF display function for keep-out region for top and bottom layers.
At the box 3 of below picture shows individual component property information for selected item in box 1.
At the box 4 of below picture shows the placement density(s) for selected list in box 1. List will be done for single or multiple components. To select multiple components use "Ctrl" key or "Shift" key.



To make report for component placement density, use "Show Density" button. This result will provide well-formatted MS/Excel sheet.

●  Placement-Component On Component
Added Option: This option checks the pins’ location for overlapped components. If one of pin’s location is matched, PollEx DFM will pass this item.


●  Enhancement speed for DFM MS/Excel report.
We found some bug for PollEx DFM MS/Excel report export on Windows XP and fixed it.

[Test result]
1) H/W specification
O/S : Windows XP
AMD Athlon 64 Processor, 2.21GHz, 1.43 GB RAM

2) Condition for MS/Excel report export
Export MS/Excel sheet for NG content description and each result image.
Number of NG item: 272 EA.

3) Test result
Before: over 1 hour
Number of NG item: 272EA.

We release a new "PollEx CAM" at May, 2012.

[New PollEx CAM]
♦ Gerber data review(Viewing): Enhancement
♦ Gerber data Editing: It will be added by July 2012.(Option Module, we will support as evaluation version by the end of June, 2012.)
♦ Export to DXF format: It will be added by July 2012.(Option Module)

** This is on opportunity for you to get at firsthand about new "PollEx CAM".
(e-mail: polliwog@polliwogeda.com)

[Main functions of Geber data edit]

Added Option: Edits the selected objects. (Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste)


●  Draw
Added Option: Edit the draw object with Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Polygon, Flash on the layer. (Addition/Edit/Delete)



●  Setting - Aperture List
Added Option: Edits or checks the used objects.



Before(Width: 0.25)                    After(Width: 0.5)


●  Setting - Tool List
Added Option: Checks the drill data.


[PollEx Update, 17th May 2012]

Click PollEx Download button and please get download "Update Release Notes" as below.
If you have any question about downloading or PollEx, please contact.

Polliwog Corporation.
Tel.+82-31-712-4128, Fax.+82-31-712-4128
e-mail : polliwog@polliwogeda.com