Dr. Myoung Gyou JIN joined Polliwog Corporation as CTO. Dr. Jin brings in over 20 years of experience in EDA software development. He was a founder and CTO at Syncron Technologies until recently and at Pacific Numerix until it was acquired by Ansoft. At Polliwog he will direct all software development work including existing PollEX suite of software and new Unified Simulation-based Data-centric Design Environment software.

At Syncron Technologies he masterminded and directed the development of a web-based collaborative electronic product design environment software, Universal Design Network (UDN), which consists of peer-to-peer communication, design project management, part management, and electronic product design and validation systems. Based on unified database and common applications, UDN allows multiple engineering disciplines to work together in real time throughout the design process to eliminate design iterations. The Design and Validation System includes tightly integrated schematic capture, PCB layout, constraint management, signal integrity and thermal analyses, and interfaces to third party EDA tools. Using built-in validation software design decisions and changes are instantly validated and high-speed design issues are resolved quickly.

At Pacific Numerix, he masterminded and developed variety of advanced analysis and simulation software validating the performance, reliability, and manufacturability of electronic products for commercial use and wrote the simulation engines of PCB Signal Integrity for board level signal integrity analysis, PCB EMI for board level EMI/EMC analysis, Parasitic Parameters for 2-D and 3-D electromagnetic field simulation, Turbo Package Analyzer for automated IC package electromagnetic and signal integrity analysis, PCB Thermal for board level thermal analysis, PCB Vibration for board level structural and vibration analysis, Hybrid Thermal for IC package thermal analysis, Laser Trim for printed resistor electrical analysis, PCB Place for automatic component placement, PCB Fatigue for interconnect fatigue and stress analysis, and PCB SolderSim for soldering process thermal simulation.

Also he developed advanced electrical and mechanical simulation software for specific customers such as super-conducting Long Josephson Junction Device Simulator for Hughes Microelectronics, Super Plastic Forming Process Simulator for Northrop, and Glass Melter Simulator for Manville.

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