PCB WEST 2011, the conference and exhibition were held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, on the following dates:

Wednesday, September 29 from 10 am - 7 pm

Tuesday, September 28 - Thursday, September 30

Polliwog had a booth, No.307 on exhibition.

Thank you for visiting our booth at PCB West 2011 in Santa Clara, CA. We enjoyed meeting you and were glad that you had the chance to talk to us to learn about PollEx - the most comprehensive PCB design verification and validation tools offered by Polliwog Corporation.

Improve PCB product quality and reduce manufacturing cost through PollEx.

The PollEx suite of tools offered by Polliwog Corporation allows physical design viewing (PollEx PCB), logic design viewing (PollEx Logic), Gerber viewing and editing (PollEx CAM), BOM data checking (PollEx BOM), cross probing layout-logic-BOM and design variations (PollEx Cross Probe), manufacturing rule checking (PollEx DFM), assembly rule checking (PollEx DFA), electrical design rule checking (PollEx DFE), signal integrity checking (PollEx SI), and thermal performance checking (PollEx Thermal).

PollEx also includes collaboration and notation tools as well as comprehensive EDA design data interface programs. Using the PollEx features, PCB design and manufacturing companies will be benefitted by eliminating communication and technical barriers that often exist due to the lack of integrated design/verification systems among departments and/or non-homogeneous design environments/databases within a company.

Over the past decade, inputs from engineers in many disciplines ? design, verification, simulation, manufacturing and assembly engineers - contributed to the development of significant amount of PollEx features. Therefore the tool is very user-friendly and it provides solutions to the real-world issues and problems that usually cannot be solved by most other off-the-shelf programs. At Polliwog, we create a value of our tools based on your opinion and input. PollEx is a right tool for your company's current and future design and manufacturing verification needs.


[Polliwog's booth]