June 1, 2009 - Polliwog Corporation has a new marketing partner, NOVATRACE BV, based in Netherlands.
NOVATRACE has a lot of experience in EDA and PDM/PLM solutions and has been serving European EDA market for many years.
With NOVATRACE introducing POLLIWOG products in Europe, POLLIWOG is expected to expand its business in global market.



"Novatrace delivers excellent PCB services and leading EDA solutions to meet your requirements. By joining our own expertise and EDA tools with knowledge of our high-tech subcontractors, we are able to realise projects in an effictive way and with high quality. Novatrace expanded its portfolio with offering educational-, assembly- and prototyping services.

What makes Novatrace special is the combination of our hands-on experience, flexible attitude, excellent partner network and leading EDA solutions.

Novatrace distinguishes itself from others by thinking about the way of how to design and produce.
Hereby your wishes and demands will have the highest attention."