PollEx, which has a display structure based on Open GL, can be influenced greatly by a user’s PC graphics card or driver versions; thus, when the graphics setting is incompatible, the following may occur within the program:

-. Afterimages of the cursor arrow remaining when using Measure.
-. Crashing of the program after reading a file for no apparent reason.
-. Significant slowing down of the display speed.
-. Sudden slowing down of speed when using the Picking Tool.

Previously, in these cases, users were recommended to adjust the hardware acceleration or update the graphics card driver to the latest version.
[2008.05.20] With the currently added function, PollEx can internally turn On/Off the graphic display operation so that it is free from the effects of the graphic hardware acceleration without the need to change the graphics card settings.

Users who have noticed problems with the graphics performance while using PollEx can now leave the check box ‘On’ in the File>Environment>View Menu and re-run PollEx to benefit from the ‘acceleration off’ effect of the hardware.

This function only affects PollEx internally, and therefore does not affect any other programs being used along with PollEx.

(** To initially employ this function, re-run PollEx after adjusting the setting)