In general case graphic chipset vendors don't provide driver itself for customers. Instead of that, they provide their chipset as one fitting their note PC model.  For the note PC model, POLLIWOG notify the following note PC model's driver source locations,
-  IBM thinkPad, LG XNote model
- SAMSUNG Sense model
- TOSHIBA Satellite, Portege
- TG SAMBO DreamBook

To use best environemnt to run PollEx suite, POLLIWOG recommand following graphic drivers,
- Most     : Higher Level nVidia GeForce Series.
- Better   : Mid Level nVidia GeForce Series.
- OK        : Lower Level nVidia GeForce Series or ATI(AMD) Radeon Series.
- Worst (avoid followings to run PollEx suite - we received some graphic trouble reports from our customers.)
  * nVidia Quadro Series
  * ATI(AMD) FireGL Series.
  * On Board Intel Graphic Accellerators.