PollEx PCB Thermal

PollEx Thermal is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use finite element thermal validation program for analyzing PCB designs. It allows users to detect and correct thermal problems during design stage so that costly design iterations are eliminated or significantly reduced.

[Running structure of PollEx Thermal]


PollEx PCB Thermal's Considering Points


  • - Tightly integrated into PollEx PCB which is interfaced with various PCB design tools.
    - Performs accurate 3-D finite element steady-state thermal analysis.
    - Analyzes any shape or size of PCB.
    - Analyzes any type of PCB construction and material.
    - Analyzes any type of cooling scheme.
    - Models convection, radiation, and conduction boundary conditions.
    - Models any locally varying thermal boundary condition.
    - Models any component package type.
    - Provides easy and convenient ways of thermal characterization of components.
    - Uses component and material libraries for repetitive uses.
    - Analyzes any type of component heat sink.
    -Can be employed at pre-and post-route stages.
    -Actual routed geometries are accounted for Post-route analysis.
    - Automatically generates a large scale finite element model including the PCB, components, and the interface between the components and PCB.
    - Outputs temperatures at the junction and surfaces of components as well as the surfaces and mid-plane of PCB.

Major Benefits

  • - Thermal issues are resolved very early in the design stage, eliminating costly design changes and iterations.
    - Automatic modeling and fast analysis allow users to quickly validate multiple design options, optimizing the PCB and system designs.