PollEx Logic

PollEx Logic is a schematic design viewer which reads in the design data from various schematic design tools. It shows schematic objects, logic symbols, net connections, and other related objects in individual design sheets. By combining objects users can easily identify the location in the sheet and attributes of the objects. Users can also extract BOM files from the schematic design data. PollEx Logic is the basis of PollEx CP. With the use of PollEx CP users can link and search all objects between physical design data and schematic design sheets.



  • - Imports multiple ECAD vendors formats.
    - Exports multiple vendors netlists.
    - Compact data saved in binary.
    - Encryption for binary save database.
    - Object Query/Search.
    - Object wired link and search.
    - Easy mark-up and save.
    - Symbol and net topology librarians.
    - Usage environment for setup and save.

    [Logic Data Extractor] [Can paste to all Windows application]