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PollEx Cross Probe

PollEx CP compares physical, logic, and table-driven design data each other. It can also check differences between two versions of physical design, schematic design, and BOM. PollEx CP uses data files of PollEx PCB, PollEx Logic, and PollEx BOM. Its powerful features include easy-to-use, robust reporting, and graphical display. Aditionally PollEx CP can be employed for checking and comparing attributes of design data from different vendors.


  • Comparing 3 Points-PCB/Schematic/BOM

    - Detects a point of difference among PCB, Schematic and BOM in few seconds.
    - Corrects problems caused by human errors before manufacturing stage.

    Comparing Revisions of Same Data Type - PCB to PCB, Schematic to Schematic

    - Detects a point of difference between PCB and PCB or Schematic and Schematic.
    - Reduces time of engineers in finding a point of changed information (Parts, Components and Nets) .
    [PCP to PCB] [Logic to Logic]

    Outputs Results in MS-Excel Report

    - Can get a report for each compared result.

    [Export to Ms-Excel report]