PollEx CAM

PollEx CAM is a viewer for 274D and 274X format Gerber files. Users can automatically load an aperture file for 274D format Gerber files. Powerful features of PollEx CAM include easy dragging and dropping for controlling layer and checking difference between two different Gerber data. Combined with PollEx PCB, users can compare physical designs with their Gerber data.


  • - Automatically detects format of 274D and 274X.
    - Automatically searches and reads aperture file for 274D.
    - Can import square hole data.
    - Capable of reading another Gerber data continuously after one Gerber data.
    - Compares and marks up different shapes for two different layers.
    - Detects overlapped hole data for single layer and multiple layers.
    - Exports to 274X.

    [Importing structure of PollEx CAM]

Usage of PollEx CAM

  • - Compares two layers of different Gerber data.
    - Finds overlapped objects in one or multiple layers.

    - Shows Data Fill and Un-Fill modes.