PollEx BOM

After reading in physical design data PollEx BOM can generate ASCII BOM files or table-driven MS-Excel format BOM files. Wise Marker in PollEx BOM can easily import BOM data in ASCII unformatted BOM files. PollEx BOM is linked to PollEx CP to allow users to compare the BOM data with physical and schematic design data.
[To make BOM data and link with PollEx CP]


  • - Easily imports and handles unformatted BOM with Wise Marker feature.
    - Makes structure of MS-Excel data using Wise Marker for setting each column.
    - Easily exports to a customized BOM format from PollEx PCB (pdbb file) format.
    - Linked to PollEx Cross Probe for comparing 3 Points.

    [User customized BOM format]