PollEx UPE

UPE is a unified electronic part data management software allowing users to define 3D package geometry, footprint, logic symbol, mount data, and electrical and thermal analysis models of individual parts.

PollEx UPE(PollEx Unified Part Editor)

Key Features

  • Creating and editing part data
       - Manufacturer specific part data
       - Includes physical, logical, thermal, electrical, manufacturing, and testing data
       - Supports multiple logic symbols and footprints for a part
       - Supports multiple design and analysis applications
  • Part data generation using automatic/manual generation wizards
       - 3D package geometry for mechanical design (supports STEP files)
       - Footprint for PCB design
       - Logic symbol for schematic design
  • Managing mount data for mounting analysis and control
       - Equipment specific part packing data
       - Equipment specific entering angle data
       - Equipment specific picking coordinates and mounting offset data
  • Supports many EDA vendor formats and tools