UDE Platform (MAP)

설계 자동화 및 효율화을 위하여 “부품/Library, 컨셉 디자인, 상세설계 및 검증”에 이르는 제품 개발 프로세스 상에서 설계 업무 자동화 및 타 부문과 협업, 검증, 플랫폼 관리 환경을 제공합니다.

UDE(Unified Design Environment) Platform

Its features allow users to reduce expense and loss of time occurring in a mass production cycle. Numerous manufacturing defect items are checked against the PCB design data, and any design errors are reported at the point of error so that they are easily identified and corrected. Consequently employing PollEx DFM results in significant reduction of manufacturing defects.

[UDE Platform]

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