PollEx Metal Mask Manager

Metal Mask is a tool for printing lead on the PCB by silkscreen technique by forming openings on a metal plate. Metal Mask is typically used in SMD manufacturing processes to print leads on the PCB mounted on screen printers.

Gerber data, which is made from the PCB design data, is sent to the Metal Mask manufacturer to request a production, but it is hard to keep same quality according to the skill of the manufacturer because Gerber data does not have the information of optional components and unused materials. In addition, applying the each Metal Mask shape and rules on various manufacturing environments is not possible because the Pad Stack on the PCB design data is allowed to have only one Metal Mask shape by ECAD tools.
In other words, managing standard Metal Mask shape is difficult, so it depends on the proficiency of the manufacturer.

Metal Mask Manager can manage each Metal Mask shape according to the standard Metal Mask shape of the component and manufacturing environment, and create Gerber data for the Metal Mask production by recognizing optional components and unused materials through comparing PCB design data and BOM.